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May 25, 2006


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A.J. Love

I appreciate your comments and concerns in regards to Madison's drinking water, however I believe the other issue you touched on (increasing gang activity and violence) is of even more importance, both nationally and locally. As I'm sure you are aware, violence in Madison schools has gone up exponentially in recent years, and our current administration has done very little in regards to this issue. I'd be interested in your thoughts as to how to realistically deal with this issue.


Hi A.J.; good to hear from you. You are right on target.

There is no greater an issue in a community than the quality of public schools and the ability to turn back gangs and crime. There is nothing a mayor can do to impact the quality of life in a city that is as important as what happens in the public schools.

By coincidence, earlier this week, I ran this post which contain most of the links to my posts on the subject.

The titles are self explanatory. I plan to do more.

The three posts that mention kids and gangs in the title are the most relevant.

A.J. Love

Thank you for providing the links.

"The first and most important job of the City is to work with the school district to ensure the best educational setting for our kids. That means combating poverty, working on after-school and summer recreation programs, helping adults with parenting, and providing housing, transportation, and job training opportunities. All of this must be done on a coordinated basis with the School District, the County and the surrounding communities."

All of which cost money. Since it is apparent we cannot rely on the State legislature to increase school spending (at this time at least) and Madison has already rejected a recent School referendum, where can Madison find the money in order to achieve the above? A half-percent increase in Sales Tax, as mentioned in one of your previous posts? Another (and arguably better worded/more specific) City Referendum?

Fortunately, there seems to be an increasing public awareness of these issues. Jason Shepard's columns in Isthmus have helped (as one example).

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