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October 06, 2006


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George Reyes

It is often overlooked that Castro fervently wanted Kruschev to launch the nuclear missles that had been assembled in Cuba in the 1960's and aimed at the U.S.
Much sounder minds among the Russian military took control of the situtation and removed the missles. A year later they removed Kruschev.

Througout the former Soviet Union the people now have elections and are moving forward with democracy and free press. Not so bad.

Of course only the elite members of the C-Party in Cuba have decent living conditions, jobs, and can travel abroad. If things are so wonderful there we wouldn't so many of the common people trying to flee northward at great risk.

As for the casinos, they're opening up already in Havana. This time the profits go to the government, i.e.the C-Party. Once Castro is gone you'll see the floodgate open of U.S. tourists, and dollars into the Cuban economy. It will be a much needed infusion for a people who have suffered under Castro. Many have never known the days of Batista but know the poverty of their coutry under Castro and his lies.

Good riddance!

Walter Lippmann

Hi, Paul -

Thanks for this commentary

Back when you were active in student government, I was an activist there, too. It's been over 40 years, but you might remember me. Way back then I studied history not terribly seriously, but mostly was a campus left-wing activist.

Well, I left Madison, moved to Los Angeles, had a career as a social worker for Los Angeles Country, stayed politically active for all these years and managed to retire in 1999. I took up yoga, and went to Cuba for the first ever meeting of Cuban and U.S. yoga students and teachers. After that I got involved in the whole Elian Gonzalez thing.

One thing led to another and now I'm running a Yahoo news group with over a thousand subscribers.

Roundabout way to say "hi", but it hadn't occurred until I accidentally ran into this.

Good luck to you!

Walter Lippmann
Los Angeles, California

Jon Lepie used to be the business agent of my union. Andy Stern abolished the local a couple of years ago, long after my retirement.

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