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January 11, 2007


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Perhaps this is just "Chickens Coming Home To Roost" and the Landlords can't blame anyone but themselves for buying "into the conservative mantra of keeping taxed down."

I sense this won't bode well for tenants either.


So any family of renters that has "domestic issues" that result in 3 calls to police over a 3 month period have no to choose from being the reason the ENTIRE BUILDING full of tenants feel "consequences" of that family member's calls for help or just basically bear the beating as silently as possible?
Or an elderly person who is seeing "bad stuff" and is scared and wants to call - they should be aware that the meter is running? They might be charged? Their landlord pissed off?

How can this even be legal? Won't it impact a citizen's right to use the protective services they are paying for with taxes? Crime itself will not reduce, but won't crime reporting?
Maybe Madison will become a Crime Island - Evil Doers will hear of the too-frightened-to-report populace and arrive by the vans full.

Pretty progressive stuff.


My typing was a bit off there, sorry. Hopefully I was able to convey the concept of a "Report a Crime - Lose your Home" scenario. Sad.

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