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June 08, 2007


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james wigderson

That's really odd. I have ATT U-Verse (just had installed in time for the start of the last Sopranos season) and there's nothing like a refrigerator sized box or even anything smaller.

Maybe ATT just likes Republicans better?

By the way, the service is great.

Barry Orton

If it's the landline version of U-Verse, there's a box in your neighborhood somewhere. There isn't one for every customer, more like one for every few hundred households.

Or have you got the satellite product? Was a little dish involved?

Can you call your TV on your cellphone and find out what your kids are watching?

james wigderson

It's the landline. I think I can access the system over the internet. Far easier to just walk into the room (the oldest is six).

I'm still debating what to do with the dish on my roof from the last service.

Telephone Company Employee

Even if you have fiber to the premise, you still have to have the big boxes in the neighborhood. It is simply a large access point to test and connect wiring(fiber or copper) and is needed whether it is fiber to the node or fiber to the premise. Perhaps politicians should get the facts straight before they open their mouths.

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