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July 17, 2008


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I'm gonna be picky, you did have a good post, however...

"Airlines and automobile manufacturers all were the beneficiaries of public money to save businesses that were poorly run, usually through a combination of greed and incompetence."

Ever heard of someone named Lee Iaccoca? I think he ran things well after the government loan (and he paid that off too)

Although he is an exception...

Steve Vokers

Yeah, but a more recent example would be the $10 million the state gave GM for their Janesville plant, only to have them squander it by continuing to build gas-sucking SUVs as the price of gas rose.


I believe that Lee Iaccoca was brought in shortly before they asked for the money. If only the banks would make substaitive changes as they were going under I would mind bailing them out as much. GM actually got closer to 43 million of our money over the last 18 years.


Just had to say that this piece opened up a whole new thought process for me. Loved it.

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