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February 17, 2009


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That Jim Rowen

We wuz snookered and happy to be part of someone's prank.

Mike Heider

He was good at that. I was at a concert in Milwaukee, at the Oriental Theatre, with a hot date and second row seats. 1964. He came out,did two songs, said the sound system sucked, and walked off. Oh, had I saved the ticket stubs. Because about 300,000 people now claim to have been there.

James Rowen

On the other hand, he performed not too long ago at the ancient Eagles Ballroom in Milwaukee, danced on stage with a woman from the audience, and actually spoke, saying "Milwaukee...I had a girl friend from Milwaukee...she gave me the brush-off."

So you takes the good w/the bad and move on, like a rolling stone, eh?

Stu Levitan

The full joke: "I had a girl friend from Milwaukee once. SHE WAS AN ARTIST. She gave me the brush-off."

Alternate: "I had a girl friend from .... once. She was a tennis player. Love meant nothing to her."

In 1989, at the Dane County Coliseum, when a thunder storm knocked the power out, the greatest and most important writer in English since Shakespeare ... played the cowbell for ten minutes.

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