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April 07, 2009


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Rich Preston

I voted!

There,,,how's that for motivation? Since, I'm sure that'll motivate massive numbers of people to go and counter my vote :)


Did anyone else's polling place run out of ballots? At the Hill Farms Transportation Bldg they were using really poor quality xeroxes instead of proper ballots. The photocopies were faint with small print and were hard to read -- and even harder to mark. I'm talking seriously small: about a 6pt font. The ballot counter was broken, too, so they poll workers had everyone use some kind of metal box with a slit in it. I pity the person who has to had count these since they're so hard to read. It didn't inspire confidence at all . . .


Glad to see Tony Evers won. He made an important comment that multiple measures were needed to evaluate our public schools.

Mr. Evers, that would include performances, portfolios and exhibitions to added to supplement the weak accountability of standardized test scores. Lead on this issue, sir. Other states already have fine models you can emulate. For example, there is the New York State Performance Assessment Consortium. And next month is National Student Exhibition Month where many schools will demonstrate how students are striving to achieve at high levels by standing and delivering their learning to an evaluation panel. Hundreds of schools now do this, many of them part of leading school reformer Ted Sizer's Coalition of Essential Schools ( As these schools recognize, the overemphasis on one abstract test score number is bending to much of the teaching and learning process out of whack and actually deforming public schools. The richer, more inspiring, more informative constructivist models of assessment and accountability I noted above stand in stark contrast to the boring, fill in the bubble model that Arne Duncan wants to "bring to scale" and I would hope that Tony Evers will help to develop a model of assessment that is not consistent with the Duncan plan. Or, our public schools may end up looking like the disaster unfolding in Duncan's last place of residence, Chicago.

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