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May 27, 2009


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Brenda Konkel

Seriously Paul, there is no 10 year rule. It hasn't been applied, until recently, as there are plenty of people who have been on committees longer than 10 years. In fact, the council recently (within the last year) passed a 12 year rule into ordinance. The Mayor never said a word at that time - if he wanted another rule, he should have said something. You might want to do a little research on this one.


I hope Carl runs for Alder again. I voted for him last time and would do so again.

Not Brenda Konkel

Ms. Konkel has been on her "there's no 10 year rule! we just passed a 12 year rule that isn't even in effect yet!" canard for weeks now. She doesn't have an actual argument as to why the Mayor shouldn't be able to exercise his appointment power, and it's obvious the only reason she's up in arms is because she and her allies lost fair and square.


Carl would make a great alder, no question about that.

Brenda Konkel

Katrina, that's the point, if he just doesn't like the appointments he's made in the past, then say that, don't hide behind a non-existent 10 year rule. Call it what it is, he doesn't like the people or their ideas and wants to replace them, it would simply be more honest to just say that. Why even bring up the 10 year rule if the Mayor just wants to exercise his power?

A Responsible Citizen

Once again, Paul Soglin sells out his progressive roots to be a part of the establishment. Stop kissing the Mayor's ass.


Ms. Konkel,
I didn't post about the 10 year rule. You must mean the comment by "Not Brenda Konkel." I just wanted a great citizen volunteer to become a great public servant.


Obviously the so called "Responsible Citizen" is a reactionary tool. In the 1970's it was right wingers making his argument who tried to stop the appointment of progressives to the Board of Health. Why does the left have to suffer those with no intellectual or political integrity or sense?

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