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July 14, 2009


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True, Madison has always had weak mayors.


Ahhh good ol' Portland.
Portland has "light" rail, therefore must have "light" rail.
Portland is overrun with L.A. gangs, therefore we must be overrun with Chicago gangs.
When do get some fish monger stands on the isthmus?


There is an easy way to solve the problem of who makes the appointments. The council Pres gets his first 2 choices, The vice gets one choice, then CCOC goes through requests by alders in order of seniority, giving each their highest open choice. For those of equal seniority draw straws. Go through the 20 alders 4 passes. Reverse the order of those with equal seniority each pass. CCOC assigns remaining openings after everyone has gotten four choices. This way every alder will get something (perhaps not their top, but 4 on their list) that interests them.

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