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January 08, 2010


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And they put down salt early.


I've never seen the downtown sidewalks look so good.


The competence and dedication of the crews and drivers was never in question. Problems were at the management/decision-making level.
Screw it up twice in a row? How lame would that have looked?


"The competence and dedication of the crews and drivers was never in question."

Yes. The only time I heard mention of a criticism of the crews was when the city used it as a straw man (as in: "The crews worked their butts off. How could anybody criticize them?")

Kathy Adams

You are completely correct - former Mayor Paul. They may be paying attention to the fact that everyone in this city has been complaining about beet juice and lakes versus people's safety for about four years.

Oh.....except those bicylce type people who hate cars and need to wave pedestrian flags in order to cross a street. I can't believe how much me and my folks laugh at those girly men who wave those ridiculous pedestrian flags. In my day, real men used to be able to cross a friggin' street with their families in tow without waving a friggin' flag (that only makes car drivers laugh).

Are we getting stupider and stupider? I wonder.

BTW - those crews who worked so hard are getting paid out of your ever increaing proeprty taxes for the houses you live in that are going in the different (downward) direction. You better believe they should be working.....where were they four weeks ago?

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