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September 19, 2010


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As a first step, maybe Democrats should stop calling them "Teabaggers". It's kind of hard to believe that someone actually cares about your concerns when they're calling you a derogatory name. Just sayin'.

Ty O'Mara

In the good old days, candidates claimed they never inhaled, did fulfill their military obligation, or just never met the woman. "but, I never joined a coven." I'm sorry, that just isn't going to help your candidacy too much. I can't stop laughing. I can't. Are you sure you want to go out on a limb like that and alienate the "coven vote?"

The Tea Party is good for getting people involved. It is a good sign that more people are voicing their opinions. All due respect to the Tea Party(like the rest of us Americans disdain of the Boston tea party)could you please voice some answers or solutions. We'll use 'em if their good. "Go Tea Partiers."


You sir (loosely called) should rename yourself a D-bagger. Since you see nothing derogatory with Teabagger, there should be nothing worng with you being a D-bagger

Oliver Steinberg

I listen to the so-called Tea Party. Not scientific polling--but I attended their rallies and have talked at length with convinced TP followers and Glenn Beck fans (usually congruent categories.)

I wouldn't label them all racists but even if they were self-conscious and professed racists, they have no intention of backing down or going away or re-examining the limited inventories of their tightly shuttered minds. Just recognize them as fascists. That's not to try to dispel or dismiss them with a derogatory label, but simply to accurately describe what America is witnessing.

George Mosse described how the Nazis paralyzed and nullified the political process in Germany's parliamentary democracy by reducing all debate to the lowest common denominator, refusing to discuss ANY topic except in their own demagogic terms: "It's all the fault of the Jews and the Communists!"

The democratic left and the Christian center-right politicians would attempt to debate the merits of an issue or the facts of a problem, and the Nazis just slammed back with "Jews and Communists!"

In the American historical frame of reference, the TP-ers I have met are the political descendants of the people who promoted the great xenophobic outbursts of the 1850's and 1920's. In the 1850's they called themselves the "American Party" but were known then and to history quite fittingly as the "Know-Nothings."

In the 1920's it was the Ku Klux Klan--styling itself "The Invisible Empire"--which swept the nation. Haven't you seen the old photographs of robed and hooded Klansmen marching in Madison, Wisconsin or Washington DC, or other cities across the land? Giving credit where it's due, it was the corrupt old big-city political bosses with their "machines" to turn out millions of ethnic voters, who kept the Klan at bay long enough for it to lose its momentum (outside of the South.) To me, the TP-ers are cut from exactly the same cloth: "We want our country back!"

Their fears and hatred, inflamed by their anger, will make this year's election the most sickening one in modern history . . . far worse than 1980 or 1994. And the Democratic politicians are as baffled about what to do as the professional politicians were in Germany in the early 1930's.

Among other things, these haters accuse President Obama of "appeasement of terrorists." There, they might have a point, if you realize who the terrorists actually are. Mr. Obama has repeatedly short-changed his own most loyal supporters in favor of offering compromise after compromise and olive branch after olive branch to the forces which have no other goal and no other program except to oppose, obstruct, and defeat his administration on every issue. Republicans, marching to the ideological command of Rush Limbaugh, interpret civility and politeness as signs of weakness. They are fascists. Don't try to appease fascists. It only encourages them.

President Obama tried to model himself after Lincoln's example, which he took from the title of Doris Kearns Goodwin's book, "Team of Rivals." He missed the crucial point that all those rivals were at least ON THE SAME TEAM. And they were united in quite literally fighting a war against that era's bitter-enders, the traitorous secessionists. The President also missed the point that in order to win, Lincoln had to get radical--freeing and arming the slaves.

Had Mr. Obama examined the more pertinent historical analogy, the Great Depression, he'd also have seen that FDR, in order to win, also had to get radical--to denounce the money-changers who had fled from the temple, rather than to politely invite them back into the temple and then pay them a reward for all the damage they had done there!

The T-P fan on the "Waxing America" blog writes: "It is a good sign that people are voicing their opinions."

Not necessarily good, if those opinions are hatched from ignorance; or from false beliefs ("Obama is a Muslim, a Marxist, a monster, etc., etc."); or from religious bigotry; or from swallowing lies spouted by liars like Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, or Sean Hannity; or from intellectual incompetence or laziness. Opinions are like that sphincter at the terminus of the digestive system--everybody has one, typically full of gas or feces.

It would be a better sign if people were searching for reality-based facts, and not just pre-digested propaganda, before they "voice their opinions," because then they'd be more worth voicing. But most of the TP-ers I've met only want to believe anything which reinforces their pre-conceived conclusions. If they have the ability to judge reliable facts, they've suspended it for now.

Most of the TP-ers, if they thought about it AND THEY DON'T, would have been Tories who indignantly denounced those radical Massachusetts colonists who brazenly violated property rights and pitched the British tea into Boston harbor. Of the TP-ers I've met, their true spiritual affinity is with the good old ordinary guys and gals who in times of fear and loathing feel the powerful urge to unite into a good old American lynch mob.

Thomas Jefferson knew that an educated public was essential if people were to govern themselves successfully. An uneducated public of brainwashed lemmings will run the American experiment of self-government straight into the sea.

Oliver Steinberg

Re-reading my own bombastic comment, I see that I left out some things: There's no "reprieve" in sight for the Democrats, who haven't got a Hubert Humphrey or a Paul Wellstone or a Gaylord Nelson to stand up and fight for liberal principles and proposals.

Hilary Clinton's supporters were right: Barack Obama can make impressive orations, but he can't do the "Fireside Chat" approach of talking in plain language with clear metaphors. He is tagged as an "elitist" due to his academic-sounding speech while his inarticulate, usurping predecessor was perceived as "a regular guy" precisely because he was as tongue-tied and incoherent as the average television-trephinated, brain-dead citizen.

A few incumbent Republicans may get their shells cracked in the omelet orgy underway this year but that doesn't mean the TP-ers threaten the Republican party. On the contrary, they're fulfilling its wildest fantasies--amalgamating Christian jihadism with plutocratic oligarchs ["fat cats" in English] in order to supplant what little vestigial remains we have of democracy with a new Dark Age of corporate feudalism and medieval superstition.

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