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November 04, 2010


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U.S. Representative Peter DeFazio is still going forward with his duty to investigate S.C. Judge John Roberts testimony before the Congress and Senate of the United States. Did Roberts violate his own oath not to overturn existing law? DeFazio is looking for some lawyerly help in reading the transcripts determining if a solid case exists.
The preeminent, most grave, help he could contract would be Senator Russ Feingold.


Russ always quietly did the right thing. Key word is "quietly." The only thing the average voter ever heard about Russ was the initial flash-in-the-pan issues of McCain-Feingold and the rGBH crusade. Except for those two initial issues early in his tenure, for most people he kind of disappeared. Then the GOP was able to define him any way they wished and make it stick.

He was always on the right side, but he was not enough of a leader to get others to follow along or to get his message out effectively.


At least Feingold, I'm sure, will be back. Walker scares the bejesus out of me. In less than 8 hours, he's shut down the train line and told UW to "get creative." What business exactly is the state open for? And to whom? I've seen better run and more welcoming estate sales. More lively, too.

Brian (neaguy)

I will miss for his leadership on education: one of the only Senators to vote against the anti education No Child Left Behind legislation that is wrecking teaching and learning.
Russ understood that you cannot best measure learning by standardized test scores and he proposed legislation to NCLB to fund the better assessments such as performance assessment.

And Walker's education package should frighten anyone who cares about excellent teaching and deeply understood learning in this state. His entire collection of ideas has already been proven a failure where ever it has been tried.
Now that the Republicans control state government public education is threatened with severe harm. These people do not know what they are talking about and we had better organize to recruit those few pro education Republicans to defeat Walker's anti education plans.


The morons have taken over state government. With the Fitzgerald brothers heading up the Senate and Assembly, truly a pair of douchebags for the ages. Teachers and those concerned about public education should be extremely concerned. Wife worked with one of the Fitzgerald's wives in a public school; one of the laziest, most awful people you would ever want to run across. Used the state's education grants to line her pockets. She would 'administrate' the grants and then pay minimal to those who did the actual work (usually aides). She did nothing. Met Scot on a few occasions and he could not have been ruder. Without breaking out the expletives it's hard to describe how much I hate these people. Teachers watch out.


Feingold's loss is a loss for the entire country. What a damn shame.

Wisconsin - you have truly lost your mind.


Feingold was a great Senator. I look forward to supporting him in his next endeavor, whatever that is. It is also sad that Tom Barrett lost. However, Milwaukee needs a great Mayor, especially now, so I am glad he is still around. Tammy won, Yay!

On to 2012. Here is my uninformed prediction: Mark Miller will be challenged in a Democratic primary as will Mark Pocan. Both led the Joint Finance committee and blew their chance to raise revenue. Any candidate that runs against them and makes the point that public education is now suffering because of their lack of nerve, will probably win the Democratic primary in those districts. There is simply no excuse for their lack of action on school finance. Soglin for Assembly/Senate?

Another thought on 2010: As California goes, so goes the nation. Who ever thought Jerry Brown aka governor moon beam, would again be in Sacramento? If Jerry Brown can be governor of California, Russ Feingold can be President.

Beth Wellington

Thanks for your piece on Feingold. I'm in Virginia and it's my loss, too:


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