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January 18, 2012


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Dan Sebald

Is the Field House still functional? If there is a conflict between WIAA basketball tournaments and Badger hockey, perhaps WIAA could move to its old stamping grounds temporarily.

Steve Prestegard

I doubt the Fieldhouse is functional for crowds of near 10,000 in its present condition. It would require substantial renovation, I would think. And there's the inevitable parking issues that were issues when state was at the Fieldhouse.
It is somewhat amazing, though, that the Big Ten didn't think about a neutral site tournament in any of a number of Big Ten markets (the Twin Cities, Milwaukee, Chicago or Detroit, to name four). The WCHA's Final Four has been a neutral site tournament for only 14 years.
The other thing that hasn't been brought up is that moving the WIAA tournaments out of Madison endangers their TV coverage. Every state basketball game has been on TV for decades largely because WKOW-TV's owner thinks it's that important, and it's handy to do. Would state still be on free TV if it were not in Madison?

Sharon Fallon

Why does Mayor Soglin have a black eye?????

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