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August 14, 2012


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Fans of Thad McCotter and Paul Ryan trumpet them for President. IMHO, Ryan is waiting for Herb Kohl to retire or die.

Jonathan Barry


I'm thinking that your propensity to belittle (eg. tea baggers) poisons your perspective and clouds your judgement. Same with your take on Ryan, who is frankly more sunstantive (and more electable) than your myopia permits you to perceive.

keep it up and you'll likely wake up thinking you're in Mass. come November



When I click on the WPRI link, it goes to a site that prompts me to install crapware.

Barry Orton

AG: right, 1994, not 1990

Adam: I fixed the link by using Christian Schneider's site; the problem is over at WPRI. Whatever link to them gets you to the same spyware site...or you could put this directly into your browser address:

Ty O'Mara

I'm one who thinks we have been able to elude another great depression, with a great recession in its place. I hope I am wrong, but I fear that we are going back into recession which will last a couple more years. From my perspective, this was already in the cards originally dealt to the the still new administration. A year from now, I don't think the Tea bag movement will have any steam left. I don't think that Republicans or Democrats will be arguing with the amninistration on much of anything. Expansion of the Chinese economy(which could already be in danger)is not going to be our savior: and as China goes, there goes Brazil and Canada.

Get in line now, to support the current administration, because you are not going to want to be a late arrival to the party. Those moderate Republicans who work with the the Obama administration will be rewarded for as long as they want to be re-elected as Republicans. We are running out of time, the world is not ready to make the jump to the future. The United States of America will lead the world economy out of this lag-time period. We do need to keep spending a little more, but being careful at the same time. During the current year, patriotism will rear its ugly head in this country(not that its been seen for awhile)and shove those with partisan views to the back of the bus. Jump on now, let us not make this harder than it needs to be--because it will be difficult anyways. This country has got to be the answer. It will not happen any other way. Join the party, help people, forget about your future because in forgetting about it---you will have one---a great one.


When you're taking flack, you must be over the target.


Even though the Bushies and Republicans practiced it for years, smash and grab is not a valid economic theory.

Gary Schepp

When was the last time that a Representative was elected President?


Yes, the health insurance lobby and the hospitals and the doctors and pharma would love to have their whole economic model blown up... that Mr. Ryan must be some tool.


Just plaster Lyin' Ryan's face over the entrance to the old GM factory in Janesville to remind folks of what this guy can do for the rest of the nation. Then, when folks get sick from viruses in the water (see and ), they can thank Lyin' Ryan for voting against Clean Water Act funding to address groundwater pollution. Lest they decide to visit the hospital without insurance, they can thank Lyin' Ryan for his tireless squawking against a public option for healthcare.

For those worried about climate destruction, they can thank Lyin' Ryan for his cowardly groveling at the foot of the coal and oil industries; it's the subject where he really earns his nickname.

Finally, it would be great for Lyin' Ryan to run for president because it just may be time for a sanctimonious weasel in the whitehouse. Then again, maybe not.

cate myerby

People on this comment thread are not very smart or insightful. but consider the site.

Elaine Roberson

You democrats have no idea how economics work. Democrats do not abide by the Constitution of the United States of America and are all about entitlement. Anyone who thinks all this spending is good for the country is insane.....totally insane!

Ryan is awesome and his policies are RIGHT ON! Go Ryan! Unfortunately, the damage Obama has done with adding a trillion to our deficit will affect our economy negatively for decades. Anyone who supports democrats at this point needs to wake up.

I really wish we could do a 10 year experiment and let the democrats run half the states and national govt/budget for those states and let the republicans do the same. We'll see who is failing in 10 years, who is miserable, who is broke, who has no jobs, high taxes, and no freedom. Duh......the democrats.

And darn those banks for failing and making bad loans. I love how the Clinton Admin FORCED laws on banks to make those loans and now the govt scolds the banks for doing it. This is why MINIMUM government involvement in the people and their business is the only way to go. Anyone who thinks otherwise has socialistic views and needs to move overseas. This is AMERICA. Take responsibility - take care of yourself. Don't expect the govt to do it. Do you see? Do you see how the economy is going downhill after horrible policies and spending have taken place. Things are worse! They are MEANT to be. Now everyone panics and needs more help, and we spend more, and the cycle continues until we have turned very socialistic. Then how do you take entitlements back? You don't - you are stuck with them. Mark my word - the views and policies of the democrats are wrong. Dead wrong.

A government that is big enough to give you all you want is big enough to take it all away. ~Barry Goldwater

Elaine Roberson

I can't believe I wasted my time on this website. So just one more thought:

Government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.

Joe Cronin

If my guess is right this guy Ryan is smart and brave enough to be the next Reagan . Judging by the sheep face on Obama at the conference , any one who values Mr. Ryan's becoming the next president should join his security detail. Paul Ryan for president , you bet .


I'm really worried. I hate dealing with my insurance company, and they should have their contracts enforced. But at least I can sue them. I can switch to another company. If the government becomes my insurance company, 1) I can't sue them 2)Since they don't care about profit, they won't know how to make enough money to pay my claims, 3) I will have no other options, and.....

3) The same people who are so hard to deal with in my private insurance company will then be working for my government insurance company, except I can't sue them, I have no one to appeal to!

Thanks a lot, Democrats! You were supposed to care about us. At best, the only excuse I can give you
is stupidity!

Sue Palmer

PAUL RYAN for President - 2012

Become a Fan!

Patrick O'hara

You folks need to travel a bit out of the capitol city of Wisconsin. Let's not just throw negative stones at one another and look seriously, rather than dismissively, at Ryan's proposal. This country was built on freedoms, innovation, creativity and lower taxes to fuel our free society. Class envy doesn't trickle down to more jobs and the sooner the people who vote self-serving bureaucrats in office the deeper the hole is that's been dug. It's not about liberals and conservatives anymore. It's about bankruptcy or empowerment to OUR freedoms that are eroding.

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