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October 28, 2005


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Stan Sokol

This is going to get even better. Compared to this, Watergate WAS a third rate burglary.

Either more indictments are coming (including Cheney and Bush as unindicted co-conspirators) or we have a federal prosecutor engaging in a criminal conspiracy to protect the President and Vice President of the US.

Here’s what Fitzgerald knows but won’t say: (1) Official A is Bush. (2) Cheney and Libby and others discussed and agreed to a plan to discredit Wilson (and send a chilling message to others) by outing Plante on the plane to Norfolk. (3) Bush knew of the plan and approved it. (4) Libby’s revelations to reporters later that same day were acts in furtherance of the conspiracy. That’s more than probable cause for indictments.

Fitzgerald investigated this for 2 years. The baseball analogy sucks for no more reason than he’s much too smart to believe it himself. Why does he think I should buy it?

The proof of Bush and Cheney’s involvement is their defense of Libby. This is not accepting seven freezers. If Bush and Cheney are not co-conspirators, there’s no good political reason to defend him given the rest of the deep political shit Bush is in.

Bush’s ONLY real choice is for Cheney to take the fall and resign. If this doesn’t happen soon, there will be impeachment hearings for Bush and Cheney. Maybe you should find a congressional district with an incumbent Republican and take out papers.

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