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November 28, 2005


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Tim Morrissey

Paul - I should broker some sort of lunch assignation or similar rendezvous between you and my child bride, Toni, who grew up in South Holland (IL) and spent the summers of her wasted youth at Comiskey. She got to know a lot of those great Sox players. Her folks owned a restaurant in Thornton, frequented by lots of the Sox stars, judges, mafioso, and assorted south-side flaura and fauna. She (Toni) was born in '54 but knows and loves the lore of the Sox like Senor Minoso. Her parents were guests in the Bard's Club at Comisky a lot, because they were close friends of Gene Bossard, the long-time groundskeeper at the ball park. When Toni and I got to Sox games, Gene's son Roger, the current groundskeeper, always stops by to visit. You two would have a lot to talk about.


Scott Herrick

You are absolutely right about Minoso. He was one of our sandlot favorites in the 50's out in Markham, 159th St. south, especially during the go-go pennant race. By then as I recall he was especilly valuable in the clutch for an uncanny ability to get hit - - get hit, not get hits - - a nice part of the running style of that team.


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