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December 11, 2005


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Tim Morrissey

I found it interesting that yesterday (Sunday 12-11) the State Journal had a couple long articles about McCarthy; but on the front page of the Journal-Sentinel, bottom right, they had a box with the obits of McCarthy and Richard Pryor. McCarthy got about two column inches; Prior got about twelve.

T.W. Day

Thanks. I, too, had forgotten all about Allard Lowenstein and the NSA. I was a student member in Dallas, or the microscopic SMU NSA group which morphed into SDS, in 1967. I should have remembered my own history better.

Maki Saito

I am a student in Japan and now researching for the primary in 1968.
Do you know why Allard Lowenstein wanted to drive down LBJ?
And how did you and other students think and feel about Lowenstein and 'Clean for Gene' at that time?

Jim Nelson

My friend, the late Frank Butler of South Dakota, also played a role in the early Dump Johnson movement. Butler was a radical farmer from western South Dakota who later headed the McCarthy campaign in SD. He was killed a few years later (1975?) when his plain crashed in the Yukon. Where are these guys now that we need them????

Richard Cummings

For those interested in Allard Lowenstein and Eugene McCarthy as well as Lowenstein and CIA, please read my biography of Lowenstein, "The Pied Piper-Allard K. Lowenstein and the Liberal Dream,) originally published by Grove Press but out now in an updated paperback edition available from It documents Lowenstein's relationship with CIA.

Harold Rosenthal

Gene McCarthy could have been the Democratic candidate for President of the United States.

On the first morning of the Chicago Convention a meeting with McCarthy and the Illinois delegation was to take place. Allard, who I knew since 1947, had been involved in arranging the meeting with Mayor Daley.

Understand Daley liked to be a king maker. Supporting Humphrey gained him nothing. But if the Illinois delegation were to support McCarthy, it may have started a slide which would have been attributed to Daley.

Allard, I and McCarthy's advance man arrived at the meeting about an hour before McCarthy was to appear. The delegation was seated in one room and Daley was in an office where Allard and I met with him, listened to his ego spout and traded bad jokes.

The time for McCarthy's appearance came and went. We spoke to the advance man who had called the office. No one knew where McCarthy was. About an hour passed. The advance man came into our little meeting with the Mayor to apologize, thank him and cancel. Daley shouted "No! The delegation will sit and wait to when McCarthy gets here."

McCarthy eventually got there. Allard later learned McCarthy had been in his hotel room writing poetry.

We entered before the Illinois delegation who had been sitting the entire time. Mayor Daley introduced McCarthy as "the late Senator Gene McCarthy," and it was all over.

C. Howell

I think it is important to note in the chronology of the "dump Johnson" movement that Robert Kennedy was approached, asked to lead the movement, and refused. Gene McCarthy was subsequently approached and accepted the challenge, putting his own political career on the line and at great risk. Al Lowenstein made the right decision.

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