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December 22, 2005


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Take into consideration a worldwide flood and proof of underwater structures and Giagantic mounuments that really exist somthing that you can see touch and feel. if you really want to know put all your labors into this theary. you will come to the right conclusion. By the way can human beings be created ? true or false.


Don't you just love the argument of atheists and liberals in general? First they try and discredit other theories and evidence by discrediting the authors of such, regardless of their credentials and plausible answers. This is a bullying tactic that should be left on the kindergarten play ground. Men and Women of intellect should rise above such bigotry and smear tactics. Why atheists and evolutionists ridicule the messenger is a study in juvenile psychology. Mostly, this tactic has its roots based in fear. When we fear, we ridicule, discredit, slander, and hate. Should this not be considered when "evidence" of evolution is presented? Should we not take into account the tone of these messengers as well as their arguments? That is, unless of course you believe we are only the fittest. Then, I suppose those most ruthless, arrogant, hard-hearted, and demeaning proselytizers are rightfully our heroes. Is this the way you want to live? Are you living like this now? Do you hate? Do you despise the world around you? Are you always violent within? Does this make you happy? Or is love and peace more noble attributes and lifestyles to aspire to? Would you rather be a hungry dog or one loved by its family; well fed and productive? You can't have both. You cannot believe we evolved and believe in love. It is contradictory.

I have listened to quite a few debates and I can assure you; in most instances, creationists end up silencing the evolution-heavy crowd. I would surmise that not one of them, by the end of the debate, believe the presenter to be stupid, fanatical, nor delusional in his assumptions. However, I have also been witness to a few that seemed to present equally strong arguments. I have never seen or heard one that ended with a creationist's head bowed in defeat. Never. I have seen the reverse though. Often. Well, maybe that is an exaggeration. When an evolutionist is defeated, he simply doesn't speak or exits the stage rather quickly.

Secondly, as anyone of moderate intelligence understands, science is not pure in many of its disciplines. All theory, and even evidential argument, can be tainted by perspective and foundational beliefs. I discovered this as early as High School when I was studying preliminary Anthropology. A friend of mine had to leave his school or succomb to the pressure of hiding his own beliefs in the classroom. He could not write essays on creation regardless of his sources, proof, or just beliefs. It was either the evolutionary way or the high way. Is this higher education? lol. It is so absurd that it is completely laughable.

Don't be stupid sheep folks. Wake up. Do your own research. list your own questions, then seek both sides of the argument. Which proofs sit right with you? And please do not believe that nonsense that Creationism equals stupidity. Quite the opposite.

Finally, in response to the "we don't come from apes," tirade above: This was initiated by ignorance, not science, however, it isn't an argument that one should build a case against creationism with. Come on folks. Most of us know the Missing Link is not one link, but any and all transitionary forms, which by the way, are non existent.


Ok, for all the religion people out there, religion is another one of those thing that MAN has invented. If you do say that said "God" has created specific concepts, then how do you prove it? How do you have any evidence? Not evidence that God, or Siva, or Yahweh, or any other deity, is working, but that he created it? Do not think I'm trying to discredit religion, I have no proof that it's not something that a supierior being created, but there is no proof that one did. Also, I am not an Atheist, don't be fooled, I am a Deithist. It IS a religion, but unlike most it doesn't worship any god. It is basically something that allows most to see things in a different perspective, an open mind. I appologize for my little rambling bit here at the end, and if you are interested in Deithism please contact me @ [email protected]


[snip -- massive appeal to emotion]

"You cannot believe we evolved and believe in love. It is contradictory."

That is the most ludicrous thing I've ever heard. If this is what passes for logic with you, it's not wonder you're a Creationist.

I would submit that if you the only people who don't "believe in love" are those who believe morals come from a book -- those who need to *told* that it's wrong to hurt others, that it's wrong to steal, that it's wrong to kill. People who don't understand these things innately, as a result of empathy, are sociopaths, and probably are incapable of love.


evovlution vs creation
no-one really knows
did we evovle from apes?
if so where did the apes come from?
how did people get the time line of apes turnning into humans?

if god created adam from dust why didnt he create more?
who and what created god?
everyone talks about god but dont ask who created him.
where did the bible really come from?
how do we know that the bible speaks the truth?


In the bible, God said to Adam and Eve, "Go and multiply." I guess that's the answer as to why God didn't create more.


but if adam and eve are the first than why is there no genetic deformities liked it happened to the ones who crossbreed, like the incas who married their cousins? i think there were more than two humans in the beginig

Miroslav Miskovic

Scientific-technological revolution and the historical consciousness.The way how the mankind developed through last 40 000 years,expressed in terms of semiotics.


alie really

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