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January 31, 2006


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Paul, you may be interested in this story from today's paper:

The WPRI has released a new study comparing poverty and achievement (as measured by test scores). I'm still reading the report, and hope to write about it this evening . . .

Steve S


You've been blogging long enough to know that it's common courtesy to link back to posts you reference - even if they're critical of you. Not providing a link is an incredibly tacky thing to do, except in extremely rare cases.

Moreover, the blogosphere is so powerful because it allows people to read the other side - through links that track back to original posts. Disregarding this is pretty low.


Steve: Allow me to quote one of your own posts
and provide a link to your blog:

"The ad was for the "Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust". I'm not providing a link, and I hope you don't google it ..."

By the way, Steve, if you read the authors original post you will note she never provided a link back to me. I assumed she had no interest in my trackingback to her. And I didn't get all out of sorts about it.

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