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January 31, 2006


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Last time I checked, there's only one way to guarantee you won't get get AIDS - not having sex. Since there seems to be an outcry from the left that science is being ignored, there are those of you who are guilty of it too. Yes, condom usage reduces the chance of infection, but it is not 100% effective. Not having intercourse is...


Since having sex with an infected person, condom useage almost guarantees not getting AIDS, while non condom useage almost guarantees getting AIDS, what would you tell your son or daughter?

A. "Don't have sex."
B. "Don't have sex, but if you do, use a condom."
C. "Don't have sex, but if you do, don't use a condom because your having sex is morally wrong, by my standards."
My answer is "B"; it sounds like yours is "C".

By the way, there are plenty of people with AIDS who did not have sex.


No, I'd go with B. I don't agree with the religious aspect that is usually associated with absintence programs, but I think the fact that it is dismissed out of hand is wrong as well.

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