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January 05, 2006


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Malcolm Kirkpatrick

The Supreme Court of Florida wisely avoided ruling on "separation" grounds, since doing so would have invited review by Federal courts. State constitutions can be un-US-constitutional. Provisions which explicitly bar a State from purchasing services from religious organizations discriminate on the basis of religion, obviously, and so may violate the "equal protection" and "free exercise" clauses of the US constitution.

The Supreme Court of Florida reads a clause in the Florida constitution which --requires-- one mechanism of funding K-12 education and construes this clause to mean that the constitution --allows-- only that one method. Bizarre.

Abundant evidence supports policies which give to parents the power to determine for their own children the choice of curriculum and the pace and method of instruction. Students, parents, real classroom teachers, and taxpayers gain from policies which expand the range of parents' options. Politically connected construction contractors, the out-of-classroom parasites who infest large districts, and their pet politicians lose.

The SCOFLA favored the parasites. Again.

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