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January 29, 2006


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It is hard to believe that there were people who wouldnt do anything to try and keep Wright's work alive and prospering.

My god, this genius and his many buildings are all so awe inspiring. I have heard of some of his arcitechture being torn down through the years. What a waste.
This man was so far ahead of his time.

I live in Racine and every time I drive past the SCJohnson Building or Wingspread or the few other examples of his work here in Racine I am taken back by the wonderful detail and futuristic look of everything he did.

I never knew that Madison had such gems by Wright. I may need to take a day trip to explore things one of these days.

Thank you for the wonderful article.

shant sherbetdjian

Yes, wright was truly a genius. This is quite the gem and anyone in that area should take the time to view such works of art. I'm shant sherbetdjian, and I'm definitely planning to myself!

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