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January 31, 2006


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chris barbeaux

How much do you believe the average murder rate would rise in Madison.
Law abiding people won't become criminals if they are allowed to carry a gun. If 46 other states are able to handle it why would Wisconsinites act any differently.


Why do we want to be like them? Your assumption is wrong-most of those 46 states have significantly more deaths from hand guns than does Madison and Wisconsin. You make an enormous leap of faith. Most gun deaths are accidental shootings and suicides. More unlocked guns, that means more accidental shootings, more shootings in domestic violence situations.
Face the facts-the states with the more guns per capita are the ones with the most gun deaths.

Barry Yow

I am sorry to hear that Wisconsin was once again deprived of its basic rights. Law abiding people who are issued a Concealed carry permit, are not the ones going out and becoming criminals and the criminals are NOT going to go through training to get a permit. And now only the criminals will have guns. I know you have heard it before, "Guns don't kill - People using them do". Getting a permit to carry concealed is not going to make me become a criminal. It might even allow me to save a like. Keep trying Wisconsin!


It's only a matter of time before Federal rulings will mandate that States honor another States permit to carry. If Wisconsin and the remaining other States pass their own conceal laws that permit conceal and carry, it may keep the Federal Government out of the mix. States have the right to regulate how firearms are controlled, but when that regulation is in contradiction to established and tested Constitutional rights, the State will loose.

I disagree with the previous comments of Chris Beaux. Most people who conceal are very concerned with safety. Taking hours of training and practice with the handling of the weapon. The comment that "More unlocked guns, that means more accidental shootings, more shootings in domestic violence situations", is not completely true, at least in Minnesota. Minnesota has nearly 40,000 permits issued. To my knowledge in Minnesota, there has never been an arrest of a person who has had a conceal permit that has been involved in a domestic violence incident and the use of a handgun. People who have a permit and have taken the training and expended the expense in obtaining a permit are very aware of all these issues and wish to keep their permits. They take extra precautions to insure safety and to protect their interest in maintaining their permits. People with permits are safe and knowledgeable and are safer handlers of handguns than people who just own a weapon, in my opinion.


I know you liberals that refuse to listen to facts aren't going to change your minds, but maybe you should atleast do a search and see some hard statistics. Do you really think 39 states ( shall issue states) are wrong?
Do a search and you will see that conceal weapons holders are the most law abiding citizens in the country. They have the lowest crime rate of anyone, that includes YOU. Wake up and read the facts.

Jeremy Veteran

No offense but who are calling liberal. I chose no side, for both sides are corrupt and broken
Have you heard that some towns do not bother doing traces on Cell phone 911 calls because its to difficult to get a proximity on the phone. The range can be from a block away up to 10 blocks. Also what do you think the response time is for police when the phone call is made 20min - 30 min pending on what the officer is doing and where.
These are basic rights that every individual with a clean record should have.
Do you think the Criminal is going to stop carrying guns. There isn't enough law enforcement to protect everyone. Wouldn't want the option to shoot back when being shot at.

I fought for these rights but restricted by my own state and its a damn shame. Oh, Madison, WI isn't what it use to be with this sycho killer on the loose running around and stabbing people.

I am sick of idiots holding me back. If you don't want to carry gun then don't but do not stop others from their rights.


having a conceal carry law allows the law abiding citizens to protect themselves. why is it that only the criminals should have guns? doyle himself has bodyguards 24/7 and i dont think his life is worth more than my family or my own. he gets others to carry guns for him. i just want to be able to carry my own. and i hope that ill never have to use it..
right now a criminal KNOWS that i dont have a gun and they take advantage of that. the cops cant be everywhere... even if you dont carry you still benefit fromt he fact that you could carry a gun and criminals would have to think twice about it.

former resident

If Doyle wants to prevent people from carrying a concealed weapon legally, he should have no problem with them following his advice to carry openly on their hip. He also needs to send a memo to all the police in the state to make sure they don't harass people legally carrying on their hip.

I wouldn't mind going through Wisconsin unarmed, but I want a police escort any time I have to go anywhere in Milwaukee, Madison, Racine, and Beloit. I can run away from danger, but my three children are not that fast. Come to think of it, since Madison is so safe, I bet the Governor would be willing to lend me a couple of his state funded body guards when I visit. It seems that violent crime is not a problem until it happens to you. That's what they keep telling the rape victims at UW Milwaukee.


I am so sick of the liberal regime in Wisconsin depriving everyone of their right to self defense when the facts clearly show that it reduces crime. If you don't agree with it then don't carry, but who are you Mr. Doyle to tell everyone that no, they don't have the right to protect themselves. "When seconds count, the police are only minutes away"
Oh, and the "Wisconsin allows open carry, whats the problem?" Well, the problem is, just as the recent case in West Allis has proven, that no, you cannot carry openly in the state (even on your own property) without being arrested and treated like a criminal. Illinois now has bills in progress to try and get concealed carry in their state, why is Wisconsin of all states seemingly going to be the last state to not allow concealed carry!? Is it that everyone is oblivious to the criminals in our state? I wonder how all the rape victims feel? People get killed by crazies every day...sure the police are there to mop up the scene and investigate but you are in a body bag...or worse, your wife or daughter. Are we all not tired of being second class citizens? Write your representatives please!

James P. Horan

All this BS of Wisconsin politicians not passing a conceal and carry makes every otherwise law abiding citizen who does (based on the Constitution of the United States (The right to keep and bear arms) a criminal.

Wake up America!! DO YOU really think not passing the conceal and carry law is preventing law abiding people from not conceal and carry. I refuse to become a state statistic due to some criminal behavior, and many many people I know feel the same. So just pass the and all lets get on with our life or save one.

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