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February 24, 2006


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Evil Jon


You're missing the bigger issue. When President Reagan was in office, his trade policies favored the Japonese. And within weeks of leaving office, he was paid $ 2 million by the Japonese for a speech he made. That was a hell of a speech. Worth every damn penny. Broke down to merely thousands of dollars per word.

Now, current President Bush needs a retirement plan. Sure, suckers like you may have a 401K or IRA. But is that kind of penny pinching befitting an American President? I think not. No, President Bush is going to need some serious change to continue affording the Imperial lifestyle to which he has grown acustom, after he resigns in 2015.

Clearly, he's been reflecting on his younger days, running companies into the ground in Texas. When he needed a bailout, where did the money come from? That's right, Dubai. All he's doing is thinking ahead. By the time he resigns the Imperial seat, the country he's living in will be bankrupt thanks to his prudent fiscal management. He'll need that Dubai money.

Hey, we all have our retirement plans. I invest in mutual funds. Some invest in real estate. All the man is doing is selling American assets and American security to provide for his own secure post-retirement lifestyle. And how can you criticize him for choosing the United Arab Emerites. After all, it's a proven fact that since 9/11, the UAE has not funded a single 9/11 terrorist. That's a fact. And who better to provide management of our crucial ports than a country that hasn't tried to destroy us in over 4 years?


You are correct that there is a cozyness, well documented by Randi Rhodes, among others, which links the Bush family to well heeled oil barons and other tycoons connected to this UAE port deal.

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