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March 17, 2006


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I don't take issue with the trial of or the verdict against Scott Jensen, I take issue with how this was portrayed by the media. Both sides are guilty of using state resources for campaigning, there's no question of that. But because Chvala cops a plea, his case is barely mentioned. He soliticed donations in exchange for specific actions, which is about as bad as it gets. Jensen is a moron for going to trial, but this is not a "Republican" scandal - it's a systematic problem. Lets not lose sight of that.

Also, the other's doing it too defense was quite prominently by Bill Cinton and his defenders after the Monica Lewinsky story broke. I completely agree the other guy's doing it too defense is crap, but it's been used by Democrats as well.

Tim Rock

No one said using this defense wasn't crap. And no one said that Dems have not used it either. The point remains, so what. And I don't recall what defense Clinton defenders were using ... others had blowjobs too?

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