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March 01, 2006


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Tim M

This is sad, Paul. I feel for you. I know how hard you've worked to try and get Minnie into the hall. They just don't see the light.

Larry Creasy

I think it is a shame that two players with the famous names of mickey and minnie are not in the hall of fame...Mickey Vernon had about 2500 hits won two batting titles and missed a couple prime years during the war...Minnie Minoso got started late at age 28 and was still going strong at 40 when he crashed into the wall in stlouis he also had stats comparable to some who are in the hall for example George Kell. Minnie also led the league in several catagories at various times and both of these men had fewer strike outs than walks. we know the hall is pretty Mickey Mouse since the all time hit leader is not represented so it would be appropriate if the two guys with the famous names were in it.

Mark Eckblad

At least the Hall of Fame voters are equal opportunity idots. The exclusion of fan favorites O'Neill and Minoso is as baffling as it is unjust. We can take comfort, however, in the knowledge that Buck and Minnie are part of a truly impressive group--the deserving non-inductees.

What about Gil Hodges, who hit almost 400 homers despite losing time to military service? How about Wisconsin's own Harvey Kuehn, who hit .303 lifetime? What's a guy goota do? I could go on and on.

Those associated with the Hall of Fame, including some of its members, take it all to seriously. This isn't Westminster Abbey, for God's sake. Of course, their pieties about maintaining the Hall's standards go out the window for a sentimental favorite like Rizzuto.

I would like to see the Hall of Fame become much more inclusive. Why shouldn't Maris be honored for his one astounding season? Why shouldn't Frank Tanana be rewarded for finding a way to win over 200 games despite losing his fastball early on? If it hasn't happened already, somebody should start an online Anti-Hall and allow voters to honor the many great players and achievements judged "unworthy," either snobbishly or arbitarily.

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