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May 05, 2006


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Once again you are putting the blame in the wrong place. If you read the article it's right there - you just need to open your eyes. Outdated technology, outdated machinery that the company used longer than it should have. Maybe because Wisconsin is such a tax hell hole the company didn't want to invest anymore than necessary to make a buck!

Michael J. Cheaney

According to Liberals "Big Business is bad, which is why Democrats RARELY if ever, vote to lower taxes on a business.-money which could/would be used to modernize the infastructure.

So by using Liberal Logic- -theres an oxymoron- when a company cannot compete due to inefficency and close a plant, it is ALSO Big business fault. SHEEESH talk about playing both sides of the issue!!!

Jerry Person

The true story of the park falls paper mill. The mill had 3 paper machines 50 plus years old. The federal, state , and local government put up loans and bonds etc for them to get two new paper machines. They garanteed the mill would stay open seven years plus. right after that smart paper bought the mill. The first thing they did was fire the workers. They hired half back at less than 50% of their wage. They then took the two new paper machines to another plant. Smart paper then took the 80 year old machines from the other plant. They put them in park falls. Now park falls has older machines and will never make a profit. The taxpayer paid for the machines that smart stole. The mill had to have new machines before to make profit is what they told the taxpayer. Tommy Thompson and Butch are partners.


Dear readers:
Yes, it's a late post...hope someone responds.
This talk of "more efficient machines." is just part of the story. The real story few people acknowledge is two fold:
1. The demand of paper products is way way down. That's not the efficiency problem at the mill. That's the demand side of pure economics. Do a search on paper mills and demand for the paper and you will see the demand has fallen as people use computer, the internet to read and communicate just as we are right now.
2. The pricing is down in foreign markets.
A fair estimate is reflected in the article. People will pass the mill in favor of cheaper prices overseas. I remember a local grocer that closed in Wisconsin. He said during snowstorms people would still walk past his store in favor of the megastore 1.5 miles away. WALK there. His milk was one dollar more expensive.

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