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May 20, 2006


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Your link to Captain M's does not work.

Brian LaClue

I disagree. The student is the one wasting time. Instead of using creative skills to oppose the No Child Left Behind policies that are damaging public schools or helping to deal with excessive higher education costs or other useful endeavors to improve society and their options in it, they are focusing their behavior around an irrelevant personality issue.

We should be showing young people options to the consumer/celebrity culture not lauding them for succumbing to it.


I had always assumed defamation was a civil - not criminal - offense. I looked it up - it's a Class A misdemeanor (Wis. stat. 942.01).

It's defined as "anything which exposes the other to hatred, contempt, ridicule, degradation or disgrace in society or injury in the other’s business or occupation." I guess I'd better clean up my act.


the link works, but it is not direct.
1. Follow the link.
2. Look at the list on the left and click on "Alcohol"
3. Capt Morgan ad (as described) first ad, upper left

It just takes a little searching, like most good things.

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