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June 28, 2006


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Hire, for one year, a full-time employee, whom writes tickets, confiscates signs, flags, banners and anything else - calling a tow truck for a vehicle that has a sign in it, etc...The tickets would pay for the employee. Better make that 2 employees - one for backup. The city would be denuded - hooray!

jody thompson

I dunno...
Up here council member's phones would be ringing off the hooks, city hall offices would be clogged with irate citizenry and what is a bigger ass-ache (can I say "ass" here"?) than an outraged business person who feels government is violating their rights to make a buck? "Do something about the meth labs, yada yada"
Not that I have a great idea myself, but given human nature I wonder if the ticketing/confiscation plan (taking their stuff? wow! portable street graphics aren't always so cheap!) might not have a few costs not listed in your description.
So maybe the council turns a bit of a blind eye in order to not aggravate the Chamber of Commerce types with whom they have golf dates on Saturday? :)

jody thompson

jeez, this post is ancient - what was I thinking!

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