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June 02, 2006


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Janifer Wilson

I read the article with major concern about the gang violence, but it seems responsibility is placed on everyone except the parents- at what point are the parents of these gang members going to be held accountable for their off-springs? If my dog bit someone, I would be held accountable because I am the owner. The parents brought these gang members into the world, why aren't they held accountable. It is time to put the responsibility where it belongs.

jim rowen

Political rhetoric is so cheap and abundant during an election season. To jump in as Bucher did from his partisan perch in Waukesha County was gratuitous and ghoulish. We here in Milwaukee don't need his so-called advice and the campaign for AG doesn't need it, either.


Janifer: I agree, parents must be held respsonsible. We can hold them responsible while Milwaukee continues to flounder. Or we can do some things which includes workign with the ones who want to fix things. But to hold them responsible while Milwaukee goes under wasn't worked.


I travel to the south side of Milwaukee most everyday.One day I saw dozens of cars with smashed windows.I thought maybe something would be said about tit on the news,But nothing.It seems the people around tenth and Lincoln are afraid of the gangs.To afraid to say anything.This area in the next few months will become a really nasty area for gangs.I hate going there to get my son,It always is an adventure.

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