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July 27, 2006


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More Democrat feel-good twaddle.

If I hear about another election term health care proposition from any of the sociopath blood suckers that run the Legislature… Go to hell. Health care is unaffordable for individuals, seniors and the workplace. You want to make a commitment? Show your understanding? Huh?? Refuse your Legislative health package, go with a private carrier at YOUR expense until the problem at least comes to a vote. Any of you Pols who claim to want health care reform, drop your coverage, join the herd, otherwise just shut up!


A few thoughts:

First, I love that phrase "Creative Federalism". Like George Sr. before him, George Jr. has been sorely lacking any of "that vision thing." But let's bring the politics of this issue back to the local. Why hasn't this administration and its Secretaries of Health and Human Services come up with ideas like this? Who was that first HHS Sec'y? Oh Yeah! Our own Tommy Thompson! Didn't he used to have a reputation for new ideas? I guess AVDS (Acquired Vision Deficiency Syndrome) is contagious - you catch it from your president. (I just hope Tammy washes her hands after shaking W's.)

If Wisconsin is the most typical state, we would make the best laboratory in which to try out one or another of these new plans. I hope it passes and Wisconsin ends up on the top of the list.

I have been hoping that the Democrats steal a page from Newt Gingrich's playbook and come out with a new "Contract with America" for the mid-term elections. Action to provide health care to all, via bills like "The Health Partnership Through Creative Federalism Act" certainly should be part of that contract.

Who says Democrats are not a party of ideas?!

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