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July 26, 2006


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A.J. Love

"Beloved" Dodgers? I thought of you as strictly a White Sox fan. Hopefully your Dodgers will overpay my beloved Brewers for Carlos Lee, as it appears the Brew Crew are playing their way into being sellers not buyers this month. Parity in MLB is indeed a good thing to see...



I think Minnesota might deserve a minor mention at least, no?

Barry Orton

By this time, you should be able to know sarcasm when you read it online, A.J., especially with all your participation on the DailyPage forum. Paul's lumping them in the same paragraph as the Cubs should have tipped you off.

The Dodgers were "beloved" until they left Brooklyn, and then....sigh. Well worth reading: The Last Good Season: Brooklyn, the Dodgers, and Their Final Pennant Race Together, by Michael Shapiro. Wonderful book on the dynamics of the team members and on the political economics of Walter O'Malley and the City of New York.

Barry Orton

A.J. Love

Thanks Barry. Actually I'm as gullible as they get when it comes to sarcasm, online or otherwise.

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