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July 24, 2006


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Dan Sebald

# The bike lane on University Avenue needs reconstruction. For the number of bikers, it is just too dangerous.

Got that right! The ruts are a few inches wide. I weave back and forth looking for the narrowest gap so that I don't end up wrecking a rim. When crews fix this stretch, they use unflattened mounds of blacktop which last a few months.

The other dangerous location is the northeast side of the Regent and Monroe intersection. The road is falling apart.


Dan, I forgot about that one! The pothole on Monroe as you round Camp Randall entering Regent is large enough to swallow a large Buick.

Michael Basford

The most dangerous practice is using the iPod while biking. That'll get you killed.

Soon, the paths will take you to the Northside.

Lisa Subeck

It's looking a little better in my hood. As of when I returned from out of town this weekend, the whole set of Hollywood Video signs were gone. The daycare sign has disappeared from the median, and Dominoes hasn't had its signs out lately. The Little Caesars and Subway sandwich boards remain on the other side of the street, but I haven't seen the gigantic banners and other signs propped in the hoods of cars over there lately. It's definitely getting better.


Have you mapped out your routes, Paul? My wife is training for a triathalon (and I'm getting hooked on the bicycle part) and is constantly on the lookout for interesting rides all over the county. We use to set up and trace our routes everywhere (yes it's a running site but works for anything moving). You should link to your routes and we'll check them out--heck, we'll even show you the coolest way we found to Cambridge!

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