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July 21, 2006


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jody thompson

I have learned the hard way, and this seems to be all too often the case, that city attorneys function as the Handmaidens of the Council. Any council, in towns large and small. Really, its gotten so that I almost expect them to appear in flowing, medieval garb.
Seems that, rather than interpret the statutes for the council and function as a bridge between what the council would LIKE to do and what is LEGAL - the attorney sees their job function as merely "making it happen". Almost like a P.R. guy, but writing in legalese instead of catchy jingles.

Then when questioned (by someone who *gasp* actually LOOKS at a statute), whether an ex-mayor/attorney or the two ragged guys who sit in the back of the council chamber because there's nothing on TV, the aforementioned city attorney enacts Sec. 666.01 "Circle the Wagons" and Sec. 666.01.F.U. "We're the Council/We Do What We Want"

I hope May and the council do not follow that particular script. If they do, perhaps Atty May will don his garb and perform a Mummer's Dance on Oct. 31 to raise additional revenue? (w/o budgetary amendment of course)

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