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July 23, 2006


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jody thompson

Well, here I am again. And guess who wrote a bit about this issue in the latest edition of The Progressive Outpost?
Found here or hopefully if you click on my name link below. It's on page 15 in my "Under the Rock" Column.

I'm (pick one)
1.) a shameless self-promoter.
2.) doing this for my fellow Outposters, fine individuals, all.
3.) terribly concerned that Ron Kind will continue to get away with being a "New Democrat" a.k.a. old Republican by mystifying his constituents with Orwellian doublespeak, claiming to be FOR Net Neutrality just because he voted FOR HR5252 any old which way it was written. Either version - with or without free speech/equal access consumer protections - it's all the same to Ron.


Jody, your comments about Kind apply to many other Democrats. They speak a good game about net neutrality and then vote the other way. We need a bill that provides for net neutrality and competition, not one or the other.

jody thompson

Well naturally my first instinct was to ask if you wanted to "name names" - but we'll skip that part.

It seems to me that there are 2 serious problems here for Average Joe and Jane. First, political discussions get picky and hard to follow fast. People tune out, I could even say that people who "enjoy" politics are not like other people.
Add to that the people who tend to vote or pay attention to issues are maybe still not real internet lovers/users. They e-mail, maybe shop a little, but that stigma of the net is for kids and porn still sticks with a lot of people. So both of those add up to what is a real communication/action problem for this issue IMHO.

Do you think there is a way (or ways) to cut through the crap? What do you think is most important?

Kind's lackey (still goin' with the Not Naming Names Plan) came to "talk" to our local Dems, which meant avoid any meaty questions and begin to sweat profusely and claim lack of knowledge when pressed on the N.N. vote or Kind's bankruptcy vote. He actually claimed not to understand the N.N. issue at all. He came up with a gem too - "Kind USUALLY votes like a Democrat, should keep that in mind" said with a reproachful tone yet, as if we were disloyal to question anything.

If you can't get responsiveness from your Guy when he's talking to the base in a tiny basement room in the Northwoods, then seriously, WTF are you supposed to do when they are comfortably ensconced behind desks and aids?!

Okay, so you're a busy guy and I just posed a possibly unanswerable question buried several posts back, but you know, any thoughts at all....

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