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August 30, 2006


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Unfortunately, Joy Cardin and Wisconsin Public Radio provided another echo for the Fordham garbage this morning without so much as a mention of the group's biases.

There is journalistic neutrality and then there is journalistic incompetence. Cardin exhibited the latter this morning IMO.

Thinking Out Loud

Interested in Fordham's true agenda? Check out


The real agenda seems to be: trash public education in Wisconsin, then privatize the most profitable markets(school districts), and leave unprofitable districts to the state to pay for.
I think that's a great idea because competition works, especially for publicly funded infrastructure.

Thomas B. Fordham.
Simply a group that promotes the establishment of private charter schools. Not much is known about the performance of these schools as they do not fall under the same standards as the public school.
The use of the findings by this group should be highly circumspect.

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