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August 31, 2006


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He is even talking directly to people trying to convince them not to move to Wisconsin. Talk about a fetish.


When Frank tells the truth it doesn't mean he hates this state. Wisconsin's business climate sucks, there are no two ways about it. I love it here because the people and culture are great, and family is here. But if I were starting a business, particularly a manufacturing operation, no way would I start it here. Horrible regulatory and tax climates.

Like when you were Mayor, I called you a Communist. I didn't hate you, I just wanted you to reform your Marxist ways. I failed, but I felt compelled to tell the truth.


Check out Frank Lasee at the following website.;jsessionid=36EC7D1ECAEA779D9C63E3EB4A94DF7D.render11?.
At least one person named Frank Lasee and born about 1961 has had difficulties with lawyers. It's now wonder he wants to cut off lawyers and law schools.


Frank tells the truth. Too bad you never have seen it.


reality sets in...WI business climate is terrible...the company I work for is registered out of state only via po box. sadly...some other state gets tax revenue it doesnt deserve. If WI was friendlier to business we would have more jobs and wouldnt see large employers like Polaris moving over 500 jobs to drug cartel run Mexico. WI must be bad if residing amidts the drug cartels is better!

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