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September 28, 2006


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When Dick Cheney worked for Warren Knowles, It was the last time he worked for a Republican with any class.


As they say at McDonald's, I'm lovin' it. Joan Didion provides another glipmse at greatness in the Mad City:

[Cheney] has described a 1969 return visit to the University of Wisconsin, during which he took Bill Steiger and George H.W. Bush to an SDS rally, as having triggered his disgust with the Vietnam protest movement. "We were the only guys in the hall wearing suits that night," he told Nicholas Lemann.


Diggin' the tone there Barry.

Presumably, it was during these Eagle Heights Conception Sessions that Lynne Cheney became so traumatized by the realities of um, Dick, or maybe I should call him Richard for awhile, that she felt compelled to write her Lesbian Novel, which an intrepid reader of the mighty tome describes thusly:

"This story of a Washington wife who leaves her powerful husband to join a womyn's commune is charged with the kind of eroticism you just don't expect from the Second Lady of the United States of America. I was amazed at how graphically Ms. Cheney details the commune's daily "massage classes" and their predictable free-for-all aftermaths, while at the same time delivering a devastating critique of phallocentric discourse in modern culture."

What does this tell us about Dick? I mean Richard? Indeed, what does it tell us about all Republican men? Just what are they doing that so repells and frustrates conservative women? Because it's not just Lynne Cheney manifesting this national crisis.

Until reading about her on WaxingAmerica, I was completely unaware of Ann Althouse. Checking her blog today I find nothing but obsessive Body-Talk. This time I beleive it's "fornication jeans" or something like that. And crikey! the clientelle she's attracting! Listen to one commenter's reaction to the jeans discussion -

"Worst of all must be the word "JUICY" stitched across the ass. I want to shoot a paint gun at that."

OMG He wants to shoot paint gun at it???? Helloooo, Dr. Freud! paging Dr. Freud!

Even Althouse's own words, words ostensibly describing her blogging experience, seem to pulsate beneath the surface with something dangerous -

"you're newly exposed, and it's a rough arena, where you have far less control over what happens to you..."

Wowser, Scoob! I've been blogging for awhile now, but I don't think I've ever felt quite like that about it.
Ann continues -

"But we bloggers are responsible for what we write, and whatever we write reflects on our intellectual soundness....surely they are entitled to look at it as evidence of the quality of the blogger's mind."

Bad news then for both Ann and I, but for vastly different reasons.

A.A quotes at-



"Juicy" Is that Juicy as in 'juicy coutre?' Does it matter?

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