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September 30, 2006


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Now are you mocking my spelling/grammar issues, or is that a typo of your own? Or perhaps a new vocab word. I'm really sorry the video that backed up my conspiracy theory that Bush II is not actually stupid (and how much more outlandish a conspircay theory can you get? makes Barrett look like a conformist) so anyway - I'm sorry the thing died. It sat there on YouTube for two years I think, I checked it before posting that day - 5 hours later it was disabled. What's up with that?
I'll try to find an alternate before/after video to replace it, but the first one was quite remarkable, the change in Bush was pronounced.

It's alarming to think that a Stupid Frat Boy routine would soften the hearts of America's voting public, but then look at who are always the most popular guys in High School - towel-snappin' lunk-headed jocks. It seems to work. In fact, I noticed with alarm that the future jocks and cheerleaders of my kid's classes had already sorted themselves out in kindergarten. I wasn't able to decide if it was familial or genetic. Probably both.
(Any towel-snappin' lunk-heads who are now filled with hate an ready to kill - remember those are my words and not Paul's and Barry's) Oh, and um, enjoy those week-end football games. Go Badgers.

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