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September 06, 2006


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Ed Blume

Makes you doubt whether spending leads to achievement.


Ed, it seems that Wisconsin is doing just fine given that in most instances the scoring is higher than the state's rank in spending. Do not forget that the proportion of school children living below the poverty level is a variable as well as spending. With Madison running over 40%, and with Milwaukee's numbers, the Badger State is doing very well.


Not a smart comment Ed. What this says is our money is spent wisely. Cut the spending, cut the results. How much brain power is needed to grasp that?


Standardized tests measure what is least important. This is bad accountability.
Show me the tests the teachers wrote. Put them back in charge of the classroom.
Show me the portfolios of the students; their performances and exhibitions.
These are the tools nationally recognized educators like Ted Sizer and Deborah Meier tell us we should be using to measure learning.
Howard Gardner and Robert Sternberg, the two great intelligence experts in this country, have, for years, criticized the standardized testing regime in place in this country.
W. James Popham, former president of the American Educational Research Association came out of retirmement because he was outraged that the tests were being used to measure school performance.
Peter Sacks has written the great attack on standardized testing: Standardized Minds, 1999.
I'd encourage Paul to actually be progressive on accountability and start supporting portfolios, performances, and exhibitions rather than tests written by companies that take control out of the classroom and deprofessionalize teachers.

Big Bill

Brian, I have not the faintest idea what a "reading portfolio" would look like, nor what a "math portfolio" would look like. Letting teachers design the tests is an easy way for teachers to screw colored kids. Give them an "A" on their "portfolio" even when they don't learn anything and give 'em a social promotion. You never have to face the music that way.

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