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October 23, 2006


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Take pity on me and read my post on the Republican Girly men (please!) Something is wrong with my Lefty Blog Feed and I'm not showing up in the headlines. I spent too much time on it for that crap!

Probably shouldn't have upgraded to that damn Blogger Beta. Don't try it. Maybe it corrupts your code or something.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Seth Zlotocha

And I bet it really burns conservatives that much of the growth in Wisconsin manufacturing has been credited to the government-funded and UW System-supported Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership.


Missing from this discussion about jobs are several important facts.
Jobs are going to the Third World due to national government "free trade" (really corporate managed trade) policies that Mark Green (and Tommy Thompson before him) supports. So, for example, by perusing a Jobs with Justice report here
you learn from a certified report about Wisconsin jobs---the specific company is listed-- lost to Mexico.
In a May 17, 2005 Wisconsin State Journal Column Russ Feingold indicated that Wisconsin had lost "nearly 92,000 manufacturing jobs, many of them due to NAFTA and other flawed trade agreements." Some argue that these agreements open their markets to our products but Russ points out that an Economic Policy Institute study revealed that Wisconsin suffered a net job loss of 23,000 due to NAFTA.
What is the likelihood that Doyle or Green will join Russ in opposing these bad trade deals?
Second, the declining unionization of Wisconsin's work force means workers are getting less of the wealth they create. From we learn that 24% of Wisconsin workers were members of a labor union in the mid 1980s and now it's down to 16%. What are Jim Doyle or Mark Green going to do to free up the ability of those workers who want to form unions but are now currently prevented by unfair management tactics?
Finally, too many of the jobs are low wage to begin with. The Center on Wisconsin Strategy (COWS) has noted that the percentage of jobs paying poverty level wages is about the same as it was in 1979 (about 21%). And the number they live to define poverty? Ridiculously low at 9.52/hour. Can we make any progress here, Jim Doyle or Mark Green? If workers are more efficient and more productive than they've ever been why aren't we seeing forward progress on these numbers?

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