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December 05, 2006


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Specter was told by Warren Commission consultant, Dr. Joseph Dolce that the single bullet theory did not happen. Dolce was the top wounds ballistics expert to be called in whenever a VIP was shot. Well, he was called in. They gave him 100 rounds of Mannlicher Carcano ammo and he tested the theory, proving it false; practically before Specter even created it in the public (read mainstream media) mind. And as Dolce told filmmaker Chip Selby for the award winning documentary Reasonable Doubt, the bullets he tested were severely deformed, even, most importantly, at low velocities. Colonel Dolce forcefully told Specter his theory just did not happen. This was in April of 64, before the cover up Warren Report was even written.
And Dolce tried to testify for Congress in 1978 but by then, having fired the excellent Richard Sprague, the lead counsel actually trying to solve the JFK killing, they wern't interested in challenging the official fiction that is the Warren Report.
The mainstream media ignored competent experts, instead falling for the likes of conspiracists like Mark Lane and then Oliver Stone, diverting public attention from the official evidence that actually disproves the Report.
The same is true of the more recent RFK killing, where the media has done little to further study of the actual evidence about what went on in that Ambassador Hotel pantry.
If you think the single bullet theory fanciful, study the evidence for perhaps nine or ten shots fired during the RFK shooting and wonder how Sirhan's gun, an eight shooter, could have done that; especially since he was never closer than several feet and in front of RFK and the shot that killed Kennedy was fired point blank from behind his right ear.

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