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December 13, 2006


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One word sums it up. Greed.


Wisconsin is consistently in the top 10 in taxation. Why? Wisconsin provides high wages and Rolls Royce benefits for nearly all it's public sector employees. Over compensation equals over taxation.
For private sector workers it's a different story, compensation is lower than the national average. The bottom line, if you live in Wisconsin work for the government.
In view of the above facts why is it surprising private business is less than enthused about expanding in Wisconsin.


Russ: you are absolutely dead wrong on two counts. First, as we have documented, WI teachers next to Oregon are the second lowest paid in the United States!!!! When you include fringe benefits, they are right in the middle of the pack of the 50 states.

As for the jobs, the manufacturers themeselves have reported, Wisconisn is leading the midwest in expanding manufacturing jobs.

And as for the taxes, alone, you are right, but you are wrong when it comes to taxes AND FEES. Then, WI, again is in the middle of the pack. And I prefer that we have more taxes and lower fees than have lower taxes and higher fees. Our system is fairer and more progressive.

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