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December 21, 2006


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Interesting thing to note: The Mic has been the #2 rated AAR station nationally.

The inner liberal-conspiracy nut in me says that Clear Channel, despite being heavily dickish in all things commerce and politics, is more into the commerce part, and did not want to risk pissing off the Madison AAR investors/funders by fully pulling the plug on their home-station now (or they at least delayed it).

If AAR is rescued and starts to get run by people with some business sense, Clear Channel stands to make a lot of money by carrying them, and bringing them into new markets. AAR or just general liberal-talk-radio is here to stay, if it takes one or two bankrupcies along the way to make it viable (starting a new format in a corporate model from scratch and expecting it to be profitable in 5 years is a gamble at best - I'm no AAR apologist too). Clear Channel is not dumb - and if it meant biting the bullet on their Fox Sports Contract here to keep the Kellys generally happy and into continuing their investment in AAR so as to reap the rewards of a stable AAR down the line, more power to them and I'm happy they saw the good business sense on the macro (nationwide, long-term) and micro (Madison-wide, medium-term) sides.

Mike Bertrand

Emphasis on the "political muscle" part. The campaign provides irrefutable proof of the size and intensity of the audience for this format in Madison. Remember how Scott Milfred at the Wisconsin State Journal wrote "Good riddance to the Mic"? What a wanker. Yeah, the State Journal has the pulse on this one, fabulous how they ran the AP wire story yesterday on an explosive national story developing in their back yard.


Thanks for reminding us about that ridiculous Milfred column. Another pointless column he wrote critized Nelson Eisman for running for governor.
The only candidate proposing the single payer plan a majority of Wisconsites prefer, by the way.

Madison Outsider

Well, although I'm a pretty conservative guy, I do believe it's always good to have an exchange of diverse ideas. So, I have no problem with MIC 92.1 continuing its format. This is a good way to keep conservative talk radio honest. Also, what good would it be to have a marketplace of ideas without someone being wrong?

Remember, you liberals have a right to be wrong - and I accept that.

Dan Sebald

"This is a good way to keep conservative talk radio honest."

Keep conservative talk radio honest? Fortunately, I don't listen to radio much, but if characterizing prisoner abuse as fraternity hazing is emblematic of conservative talk radio then honesty is a bit of stretch.



Could you post the text of the talk you gave to Downtown Rotary yesterday?



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