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January 26, 2007


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Dana Milbank irks me. In so many ways and on so many levels.
I wrote a piece for a campus publication on Dana Milbank after a "special" speaking engagment he had here last year. Believing that such an IrkFest should not go unrecorded for posterity, and also in hopes that others would begin to share my Irk.

I had a hard time staying in the word limit. The man is a fountain, a vast wellspring. One ounce more of the obscure stuff he is made of and he'd be an actual parody of his own self, but no, he sits there right on the line, causing a wobble in the very track of the universe. Stop contemplating the ripple effect of butterfly wings and move on to the Milbank Effect, if you think you can bear it.

There are worthy journalists out there, hopeful youth eager for a job. People with experience and a family who had to relocate - so many scenarios offering up infinitely more worthy individuals for gainful employment. And yet, Milbank has a job....

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