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January 17, 2007


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Not to minimize the great Sam Brown, but I think the style/substance adage is properly attributed to the even greater Saul Alinsky.


OK, I see this is attributed to Sam from a WaPo story in 1977.
But I still think it's originally Alinsky.

Can we deport Julaine Appling to Illinois?


Hot Gossip!
"It has been said" that Miss Julaine, a lady of certain years, is unmarried herself and has a long-term female housemate. Appling Watchers speculate that Ms. Julaine is one of theose anti-gay/lesbian folks who are really at war with themselves. You know the old denial-of-self while persecuting others thang. Y'all are closer than I am to Appling Central over in Watertown. Anyone noticing any Appling-on-girl cuddling in the local park or grocery's frozen foods aisle might want to make note.
It would be an interesting twist if true, though wouldn't it? Seems so many people deal withtheir own issues by persecuting others, it's a question that almost could be aske routinely "what's motivating this behavior?" and, if the behavior hurts others, that answer might be able to help "stop the madness". Like the one blogger says, mightn't a reporter ASK about this given her political goals?

These links below aren't the places I first read it, but are hastily Googled and included in a half-assed "don't sue Paul for allowing this libel" spirit. Ya know - just reporting on unsubstantiated blog-content is all I'm doin' here. ;-)


The number of total Iraqi dead is in the neighborhood of 650,000, according to a peer reviewed study published by the British medical journal, Lancet.

But that doesn't concern Julaine. For her, life ends at birth.

Sarah R.

Everyone in the gay community knows about Julaine Appling and her very bad case of the closet. It's hard to see a person like this, obviously deeply emotionally damaged, doing harm to others for no other reason than her own profound lack of comfort with her own life circumstance, but there you have it. It is especially troubling when it seems so many high-profile anti-gay zealots (need I list them?) turn out to be, themselves, attracted to same-sex individuals - and here I hesitate to use the word "gay," which implies a certain cultural intelligence and emotional awareness which people who confine their same-sex interactions to airport bathrooms most assuredly do not possess; to be sure, there are many more straight people engaged in anti-gay witch hunts, based on simple statistics alone.

Many would suggest that people like Julaine Appling are entitled to privacy or some other sort of covering up of the facts of her personal life ("special privileges," perhaps?), yet, I would posit that Ms. Appling waived any sort of hush-hush from the gay community long ago, when she began her very public, vitriolic, mean-spirited and, ultimately, successful campaign against them.

I have often said that it is quite rare for two financial solvent, unmarried adults of the same sex to cohabit together, sharing lives, responsibilities and a mortgage, for no other obvious reason.

Yes, okay, this is an exaggeration (Madison co-op dwellers, etc., save your rebuttals, please!), but I used it to illustrate a point. I often find people's mortified reactions the most amusing of all - notably, shock and horror that I could levy such a terrible charge against people, such as Ms. Julaine Appling, for such a reaction is predicated on the notion that it's an insult (or worse!) to suggest someone might be gay.

The bottom line remains this: why should the fundamental hypocrisy of Appling and her ilk be tolerated? Why should her deep-seeded and destructive internalized homophobia be allowed to propel itself outward and harm others? Why should Julaine Appling be given a tacit nod of approval by allowing her closet door to be slammed shut, while she wreaks havoc on other people's lives? By the way, her targets have now expanded to include, among others, breast-feeding mothers, people seeking divorce and victim of childhood sexual abuse at the hands of the Catholic Church.

Someone has to put an end to this woman's inexcusable McCarthyesque behavior before she strikes again. Ms. Appling, whither your conscious? Is it, too, wadded up and buried far away from the light of day in that cramped, confining closet? How does it make your partn, erm, excuse me - "roommate" - feel that you have made it a life's work to campaign against people like you and her?

Telegram to Julaine Appling:

The irony is that I bet she'd be welcomed with open arms.

Sarah R.


"conscious" == "conscience"

"victim" == "victims"

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