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February 15, 2007


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1.) No, it's not humane, it's aslo unethical but nobody has ethics anymore, in fact NOT having ethics is often admired outright by a majority of people in many situations (humiliating Idol contestants, and reality show folks, antics of clelbrities, shock jocks, insane politcal jerks who get rich being assholes, and so on)so why should our politicians be choir boys?

2.) Yes, ubetcha. I don't know the guy or anything about him , but if he is a "pillar of the community" I garuntee he would not have raised a finger if the police started to flay him alive right then and there.

3.) Dunno.

4.) Hi Ben

Ben Masel

You called?

The NSBA, in contrast to MATC, and perhaps the Union Terrace, is a private entity, and may legally invite, or not invite, who they chose.

When I refused to leave the Willy Street Co-op last summer, I was operating on a different theory. While the Co-op is a private entity, I'm one of the owners, and violation of internal rules is not a criminal offence.

Ben Masel

PS. Just got notice of trial date on my Memorial Union Tresspass case, March 23, bench trial before Judge Fiedler.

Ben Masel

My Memorial Union case goes to a bench trial before Judge Fiedler March 23.


For the record, I will state that Sandstrom is probably the most compelling argument so far against the public financing of political campaigns, which is a bummer, because I normally support such ideas. Maybe, just maybe, we ought to tack a psychological evaluation to the application for candidacy. Just imagine if Bush's extraordinary narcissistic personality disorder had been checked at the door...

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