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February 21, 2007


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Chris Norris

People realized on Monday or Tuesday morning that it was time to vote, so they started looking at their options. There was a piece in The Isthmus this week that talked about Ziegler. As for why Waxing America showed up, I would guess that it is because you have a blog that a fair number of pages/blogs/people link to, so Google values your content as being more important than others. See this link on Google's Page Rank if you want more info:


More and more information is starting to leak out about who Annette Ziegler really is and people want to know more. There are very serious questions about her marriage and if she is a gold digger among other things. She also is trying to set precedent in the minds of voters that a Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice should have circuit court experience. As ridiculus as that may seem, some people think it's true. She also wants to run off to Madison for ten years when she has two young children back in Washington County, which may offend people who support family values. Many people blindly voted for her in the primary but I think it will be much different for the general election.

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