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February 20, 2007


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Dave Diamond

I'd have more respect for Matt Lepay if he didn't wear a sportcoat over a polo buttoned up to the top button. Ye gods!

Jeff Ash

Last month, in a sports column in the Green Bay Press-Gazette, I wrote this: "Matt Lepay is the state's best football play-by-play man. It would be nice to hear him call the Packers. Anyone else getting tired of Wayne Larrivee?" A suprisingly strong e-mail response -- at least a dozen -- was unanimous: Agreed! Yes to Lepay, no to Larrivee.


Jeff: I am surprised that Matt Lepay was not lured away by some national broadcasting contract. A friend in the industry tells me that there have been inquiries and that Matt and Mike could do professional games with calls that are above the average.

Your observation about his doing Packer games would be great for the team and would do wonders for Packer fans.

Maybe it is the polo shirt buttoned to the top that keeps him here down on the farm?


I've been ready for Larrivee to take his "dagger" and go for a long time. Kids listen to this you know.
Besides he is beyond only Madden for saying the dumbest things.


That is exactly what almost each of my e-mailers emphatically said. Add Lepay, drop Larrivee, but keep Larry McCarren as the analyst for Packers games.

Stuart Levitan

Matt Lepay is a great play-by-play announcer. One of the best.

Matt and Mike are absolutely the best. Matt's play-by-play is seamless. You can "see" the games he calls on radio - no small accompplishement. And Mike's analysis is spot on. I fequently turn off the sound on televised games and turn on their radio broadcast despite sometimes having to deal with the sound and image being out of synch.
They're great Badger fans, but they seem to know almost as much about Bucky's opponents as they do about Big Red. They honor quality play from whoever is delivering it - they tell the truth with enthusiasm but without hysetria or unseemly bias.

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