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March 16, 2007


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Jack Lohman

Excellent article. With seven grandchildren I am naturally concerned. I'd like to see free higher education for all, but I recognize that some kids are not capable of being doctors. “Appropriate” education is the key. We must start early and voice often the need for school kids to choose an appropriate direction. If they are best suited for cooking they should go to culinary school. If they are qualified to be physicians, to medical school. And if they rank in the top 10% of their class they should receive a 100% rebate, with progressively lower rebates down to a C average. This provides incentive to be better and study harder, and it truly leaves no child behind.

But we cannot break the bank on this. I would limit the rebates to mainstream occupations that are needed in society. I'd demand career counseling and testing to ensure that individuals are not entering a career they are sure to fail at.

Dan Sebald

Break the bank.

My attitude is that the federal government has warped our priorities in this country by spending on unnecessary wars, missile defense shield and big business boondoggles to the hilt, and that has put our financial solvency in jeopardy. Because the administration and congress were unwilling to ask a sacrifice of a country at endless war by putting the cost on credit, it is the children now in question who will have to deal with an impending crisis. (They'll need a good education!!)

Tax and spend = borrow and spend.

I'd rather break the bank spending on education than on new bunker busting nuclear bombs.

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